USC Cinematic Arts

Howard Postley is a member of 3ality Technica's lead team, whose responsibilities include facilitating 3D live broadcasts to theaters and homes. He is also responsible for managing the development of the only complete stereoscopic post-production tool set in the industry. Mr. Postley also designed and launched the first all digital 3D online post facility at 3ality Digital. Previously the CTO of Synapse Technologies (founded by Robert Abel), Mr. Postley's varied background includes writing for industry publications and being a member of the SMPTE 3D Standards Committee. He has an installation of the most complex consumer multimedia product developed to date on display at the Library of Congress.
Mr. Postley frequently teaches and lectures on topics related to media and technology at universities. At UCLA, he majored in Computer Science and Graphic Arts. He also completed the entrepreneur's program at the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) and has completed relevant coursework at the Harvard Business School.