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Jim Lemley is an independent film producer who is associated with many memorable
motion pictures and television.
As producer and executive producer, his credits include Wanted, the action thriller
directed by Timur Bekmambetov, it was released by Universal Pictures in 2008. The
film starred James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. A sequel, to be
directed by Mr. Bekmambetov, is in development.
Audiences and critics fell in love with the acclaimed The Diving Bell and the
Butterfly, which Mr. Lemley executive produced. The film, released in 2007, is
based on the memoir by Jean-Dominique Bauby and directed by Julian Schnabel. It
won 2 Golden Globe Awards including Best-Foreign Language Film, and was nominated
for 4 Academy Awards including Best Director.
Most recently, Jim Lemley produced the daring and innovative post apocalyptic
animated feature 9. The film was directed by Shane Acker, and Mr. Lemley partnered
with fellow producers Tim Burton and Mr. Bekmambetov.
The producer established his career at Icon Productions, which he joined in 1993 after
a stint in music production, with Island Records. At Icon, he rose to become CEO of
Icon Entertainment International, based in London, by working on such features as
Maverick (directed by Richard Donner); Immortal Beloved and Anna Karenina (both
directed by Bernard Rose); Payback (directed by Brian Helgeland); 187 (directed by
Kevin Reynolds); and Braveheart, directed and produced by Icon founder Mel Gibson.
Mr. Lemley capped his decade-long stint at Icon in 2002 as executive producer of We
Were Soldiers, which was directed by Randall Wallace.
Mr. Lemley's television producing work while at Icon includes the highly rated, The
Three Stooges for ABC and Invincible for TBS.
His first move into independent production was the medieval romance Tristan &
Isolde, which he executive produced with Ridley and Tony Scott and re-teamed with
director Kevin Reynolds. Mr. Lemley then partnered with Bonnie Curtis to executive
produce Red Eye, the 2005 hit thriller directed by Wes Craven and starring Rachel
McAdams and Cillian Murphy.
Mr. Lemley recently complete the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which
he produced with Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Mr. Bekmambetov is also
directing). The film was released worldwide by Twentieth Century Fox on June 21,
The producer has various projects in development including Forever which will be
the writer/director Gareth Edward' s follow-up to Monsters and is also working on an
adaptation of the French novel Oksa Pollock with SND/M6 in France.