USC Cinematic Arts

As a mechanical and systems engineer, creative director, futurist and artist, Kevin has a wealth of experience in complex technical system design, interaction design, production, animation, artistic direction and story development.  As the former Director of Operations and Hardware Development and lead designer at Hanson Robotics, Kevin led the development, of 19 world class robots that have been used at prestigious laboratories around the world.  The life-like humanoid robots have helped define the emerging field of social robotics, being used in a wide array of science and engineering research, including autism therapy, artificial intelligence, machine perception, neuroscience, and cognitive science.  Involvement in this field eventually led Kevin to turn his focus towards a larger understanding of the nature of human intelligence, the mind and consciousness.  He is currently investigating the role that the power of myth and storytelling plays in helping humanity understand it's past and shift it’s consciousness to co-create a more evolved humanity and sustainable future.  His passions include creative design, sacred geometry, architecture, forbidden-archeology, ancient cultures and wisdom traditions, exopolitics, alternative energy technologies, and the science and philosophies of the evolution of consciousness.

Kevin's objectives are to raise awareness through presentations, submitted articles, op-ed pieces, blogs and lectures, for the increased need for a broad spectrum and multi-disciplinary approach to defining the analytical metrics, definitions and terms used by industry and academia in artificial intelligence and consciousness research.

This includes continuing to pursue the development and codification of his renaissance humanist philosophical viewpoints as they relate to designing the future, artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence, transhumanism and the upcoming conscious convergence vs. technical singularity.