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How can our deeper understanding of language inform our designs for a better world? How does design of new language allow us to determine the influence and direction of the worlds we build? As storytellers and world builders in immersive media, how can we use new language in storytelling to change the world?

These and other questions about the humanitarian role and responsibility of immersive design will be explored at 5D | Design is Change "The Language of World Building" at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on December 3, 2009.

Three of the world's leading innovators in data visualization, computer science, robotics, software engineering, communications, and human and digital anthropology will examine and discuss design and experience of language, its use in narrative technologies, its impact on human understanding, and its role in social change to create better digital and real worlds.

Featuring Jo-Ann Kuchera-Morin, AlloSphere; Kevin Carpenter, Hanson Robotics; Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist; moderated by me, Paulynn Cue, 5D Design is Change program curator.


  • Moderator:
    Paulynn Cue
    Co-founder, COO of Regenerative Development Group, LLC

    Co-founder, curator, and co-producer of 5D | Design is Change and CCO of Unified Field Corporation.

  • Speaker:
    JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
    Professor of Media Arts and Technology and of Music, University of California, Santa Barbara

    Creator of the AlloSphere, a unique scientific instrument for experiencing multi-dimensional complex data providing insight essential for progress in critical areas of science and engineering.

  • Speaker:
    Kevin Carpenter
    Operations Manager, Director of Hardware Development, Systems and Design Engineer, Kumotek Robotics

    Director of Operations and Hardware of Hanson Robotics, realizing biologically-inspired social robots help to investigate what it means to be human, both scientifically and artistically.

  • Speaker:
    Amber Case
    Cyborg Anthropologist and New Media Consultant

    Cyborg Anthropologist and New Media Consultant employing anthropological methods to study the interaction between humans and computers.