USC Cinematic Arts

For over 20 years Paulynn has traveled a circuitous path in the fields of architecture and design. Paulynn's professional experience has taken her from architecture and interior design; to branding and graphic design; humanitarian community building, sustainable banking and media; strategic planning for sustainable communities; and now to sustainable architecture and community development. Companies and organizations served along the way include Gensler Worldwide Architects, Dreamworks, Sony Music, Unified Field Corporation, and the City of Los Angeles, as well as social profit and humanitarian organizations such as the IREO Sustainable Development Commission, NextAid, Coalition for a Sustainable Africa, Inner-City Arts, and Free the Slaves.

On that journey in 2008, Paulynn discovered an emerging 5D and was instantly enamored. She pitched an idea and created 5D's good-doing program called Design Is Change "How Storytelling Can Change the World" which explores world building in entertainment media and its impact on social, sustainable and humanitarian design. DisC had 3 programs in a 1 year run in 2009/10 featuring such speakers as Paola Antonelli (MOMA), Sylvia Earle, Stewart Brand, Joann Kuchera-Morin (Allosphere), Amber Case (Cyboranthropology), Kevin Carpenter (Einstein Robot), Katie Salen (Institute of Play), Diana Lind (Next American City), and Clifford Pearson (Architectural Record).

In 2012, Paulynn co-founded and is COO of Regenerative Development Group, LLC which provides strategic planning, design and implementation for regenerative architectural and community development projects around the world. Paulynn lives in Los Angeles and is a very happy new mom to her daughter born in 2012.