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Recognized as one of the most forward-thinking digital marketing pioneers in Asia. Lopez spent decades in the ad industry serving as ECD and President of one of Tokyo’s largest multinational agencies, which he co-founded, before defecting from the traditional school of advertising to found Tokyo boutique agency (Suit)men Entertainment. There, Lopez led a team of strategists and creatives that developed brand content and digital solutions for blue-chip clients across four continents.

(Suit)men is credited with creating the world’s first mobile phone connected retail complex in 2007 on Omotesando, Tokyo’s high street.  Using RFID technology  brands like MoMa, Bulgari, and Chanel amongst others connected directly to customers mobile phones through the building’s hub network providing them with information, entertainment and relevant offers.

Having repatriated, Lopez is now focusing on merging his unique world and digital experiences into the US market interconnecting film and television entertainment to digital marketing through mobile phone and tablet solutions.