USC Cinematic Arts

Scott Pagano creates music videos and concert visuals for some of the
worlds leading musicians, developing captivating environments
augmenting experiences around the globe. Recent projects for Skrillex,
Zedd, Koan Sound, and The M Machine have brought a dynamic explosive
visual sophistication to the forefront of a new generation leading the
electronic dance music scene.  Going beyond flashing lights and moving
lines, Pagano works to bring a cinematic scale to screens and stages
creating rich worlds blending photographic and synthetic sensibilities
to create memorable experiences where sound and image converge.

Strong interests in organic structure, mechanical systems,
architectural forms, and procedural processes are at the core of his

In addition to visual production for musicians, Pagano creates fine
art and experiential video work that has been included in festivals
and at venues including Ars Electronica, TED Global, Hipersonica, V2
Institute for the Unstable Media, Cimatics, Optronica, Siggraph Asia,
Volta NY, Hypersounds, Visions & Voices, and the Rotterdam Film