USC Cinematic Arts

Peggy Weil is a digital media designer and artist applying immersive design across genres from digital urban signboards and VR to mobile apps and games. A graduate of Harvard University, she received her Masters Degree at M.I.T. As an original member of the Architecture Machine Group / M.I.T. Media Lab from 1980-1982, she worked on pioneering interactive projects in design and telepresence, going on to create titles for The Voyager Company, Broderbund, Electronic Arts, Von Holtzbrinck and Ravensberger Interactive. The award-winning Voyager title, A Silly Noisy House, published in 1991, was one of the first interactive titles for children.  She designed the original Roden Crater website in 1996 for James Turrell and is currently designing Turrell's web presence to launch in conjunction with his 2013 retrospectives.. Weil was awarded the MILIA D'OR in Cannes in 1998 for the CD-ROM series Moving Puzzle. She is the mind behind MrMind, a computer program who challenges us to convince him that we are human.

Weil founded HeadsUP! A Global Design Competition challenging designers to inegrate data visualization of global issues into the public square. The competition launched September 2011 at and HeadsUP! the winning visualization premiered on World Water Day, 3/22/12, and ran for four months in Times Square.

The team of Steuer + Weil has released CINEPUZZLE for mobile iOS and Web: clients include Discovery Channel, SME and Disney Music. An ongoing collaboration with Nonny de la Peña has produced a series of Immersive Journalism projects: Gone Gitmo, a virtual installation of Guantánamo Prison in Second Life, and Wall Jumpers, a global visualization of political separation barriers and The IPSRESS Project. 
Her work is has been exhibited and presented at academic, industry and art venues internationally. Weil has taught graduate level courses as Visiting Assistant Professor at USC-SCA Interactive Media Division and Adjunct Professor at the Design School at California College of the Arts CCA in San Francisco. She is currently Adjunct Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts in both Graduate Production and Interactive Media Divisions.