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Mar 13, 2012
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Mar 14, 2012
Mar 15, 2012

5D | FLUX proposes the first in a series of Digital Design Summits for a participant audience of narrative designers, media makers, educators and students, beginning at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in March 2012, to address the new design practice and culture of narrative media in the digital and virtual production space.

This unique event will be the first in a series of 5D design summits that address the evolving role of design in narrative media and the new approach to media-making through virtual production and “world building.”

Through this summit, the 5D | Institute and USC SCA will frame an exploration into the language and practices of digital design methodologies, applying learning from the core media industries to an interdisciplinary discussion space within and across media.

World Building as the new metaphor for the creation and actualizing of the story space in digital narrative media is the theme of this design summit. It addresses narrative design thinking, the iterative and immersive experience of creating new worlds of storytelling. As such, it expresses the full arc of design’s role through narrative media.

This summit will unfold over three evening panel discussions. Each panel will be 120 minutes, with audience interaction blended in. All panel discussions will be recorded, and online videos will add to the growing knowledge-base in the 5D archives. The sessions will be mediated by a team of designers and world builders—stimulating a dynamic and information-rich discussion.


  • Curator:
    Francois Audouy
    Production Designer

    Francois Audouy is a production designer and an early adopter of progressive film design tools. A veteran and advocate of immersive design, François was a founding member of the 5D Conference, a ground-breaking narrative media design conference. François recently completed the motion picture “Abraham Lincoln” Vampire Hunter” New Orleans with director Timur Bekmambetov and is currently in pre-production on “The Wolverine” with director James Mangold.

  • Curator:
    Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute

    Alex McDowell is founder and creative director of 5D. One of the most innovative and influential designers working in narrative media, the impact of his ideas extend far beyond his 30-year career in cinema. Currently he is designing “Order of the Seven” at Disney. He recently completed production design for “Man of Steel”, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Chris Nolan.

  • Curator:
    Peggy Weil
    Digital Media Designer, Artist

    Peggy Weil is a digital media designer and artist focused on interactive media and immersive design. She is currently Adjunct Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts in both Graduate Production and Interactive Media Divisions.