USC Cinematic Arts

Christopher deFaria oversees the development and production of Visual Effects and Feature Animation for Warner Bros Pictures.  Recent projects include the HARRY POTTER films, the BATMAN series, I AM LEGEND, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, WATCHMEN, SHERLOCK HOLMES (1 & 2), SWEENEY TODD, CLASH OF THE TITANS, The MATRIX trilogy, HAPPY FEET 2 and the upcoming, HOBBIT (1 & 2).

Spearheading the studio’s expanding efforts in innovative animation and hybrid filmmaking, deFaria recently produced SUCKERPUNCH, directed by Zack Snyder, and the animated adventure, LENGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS. He was instrumental in the production of 300, CORPSE BRIDE and HAPPY FEET.  He also produced the animation/live action films, CATS AND DOGS and LOONEY TUNES, BACK IN ACTION.
Mr. deFaria’s extensive credits include numerous documentaries, prime-time specials and television movies including, as producer, the television event, IN CONCERT AGAINST AIDS. He is the recipient of three regional Emmy Awards and two NAPTE Iris awards. 
He is a founding board member of FilmAid International, a non-profit organization that screens educational and informational films in refugee camps around the world.

Mr. deFaria is a graduate of The University of California, Los Angeles.