USC Cinematic Arts

Artist, researcher, diver engaged in art and science research intersecting the performing arts, human movement, and underwater diving, human spaceflight and exploration and extreme habitat technologies. Alumna of the International Space University and Singularity University, NASA Ames, Sarah Jane regularly contributes to futurist think-tanks and start-up initiatives.

She is official crew of the Atlantica Expeditions Undersea Habitat Mission, Co-Chair European Space Agency ETTAS, and Visiting Research Fellow RMIT University, Exertion Games Lab and AEGIS Research Cluster. Current projects focus on long-duration human-underwater interactions to propose novel human-factors feedback and bio-tech-aquatic technologies for deep-ocean exploration and space analogue applications. She is an ADAS Occupational Diver with over 500 hours commercial dives logged – spent mostly in zero visibility imagining she was on an artist-in-space residency. Dr. Pell holds a PhD Visual Art and Masters Human Movement and she was awarded Australia's only TED Fellow in 2010.