USC Cinematic Arts

Alexeï Tylevich straddles the DMZ between art and commerce whether filming Takashi Murakami for NOWNESS, curating an exhibition, or working with brands like Apple, Playstation, G-Shock, Uniqlo, Lexus or Nike. His work has been shown at Sundance, Toronto and numerous film festivals worldwide, exhibited in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna & Oslo, and recognized at Cannes Lions, D&AD and AICP. The museum exhibition he designed, “Spectacle: The Art of Music Video,” has travelled from NY to Sao Paulo, Melbourne and beyond. Apart from directing content for hit videogames like Metal Gear Solid, Elder Scrolls, Spider-man, Infamous, The Order, Resistance, Borderlands, & Dante’s Inferno, Alexei was one of the creators of the critically acclaimed dystopian title called “République.”