USC Cinematic Arts

While our expectations from media devices and digital content almost exceed the speed of technology, we continue to be satisfied with the dumb spaces that we inhabit. Experience Design is a nascent practice that integrates cinematic storytelling, emerging media and architecture seamlessly into places that blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual. The hope is to create highly-curated, immersive experiences that are intelligent, visceral and memorable. This 5D panel, moderated by Tali Krakowsy, Head of Experience Design at WET, and 5D founder member, contemplates the future of branded environments, their cultural contribution, their role in expediting innovation, their ability to expand a brand and, most importantly, the connections and experiences that they create.


  • Moderator:
    Tali Krakowsky
    Director, Experience Designer, Founder Apologue Studio
  • Panelist:
    John Underkoffler
    Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Oblong Industries
  • Panelist:
    Chuck Hoberman
    Designer, Sculptor, Founder and President, Hoberman Associates
  • Panelist:
    Kevin Slavin
    Entrepreneur, Provocateur, Raconteur
  • Panelist:
    Joshua Davis
    Web Designer, Author and Artist in New Media