USC Cinematic Arts

The exploration continues. In the frame of the BOGOTA AUDIOVISUAL MARKET, one of the most important project markets in Latin America, Joseph Unger (Pigeonhole Productions Chief Design Officer) joined Juan DiazB (Colombian filmmaker, worldbuilder and World Building Institute curator), to collaborate in the first WBi event at the BAM.

The WBi event started with a WorldBuilding panel and introduction to Worldbuilding to over 200 participants of the BAM, causing great excitement around worldbuilding as a narrative practice for the challenging and exciting new media landscape. 

Following the panel, over 50 filmmakers  from all over Colombia, and Mexico engaged in the exploration of Rilao, during a two day session increasing our knowledge of the Island and keeping the continuous development of our Rilao Universalis Encyclopedia, a master guide to the discoveries of our various expeditions to unveil Rilao´s mysteries.

We wanted to keep challenging the traditional film narrative practice, aiming to create a collaborative network dynamic, that will connect our various 5 people worldbuilding-cells, in one holistic narrative for the entire session, interconnecting the various perspectives and approaches to allow a deeper knowledge of the Storyworld and with this the emergence of more complex exploratory vectors of the world of Rilao.

Starting with a remote online overview of Rilao´s history by creative director and professor Alex McDowell, the first day was set to explore Rilao´s past, culminating the session with a shared overview of the multiple finding of the world, in several areas of knowledge. With that exploratory base we engaged in the prototype of Rilao´s future, during the second day, connecting the knowledge gained of the past, to the research of the future of the SouthPacific Island, once again looking to create a fluid and volumetric development, to favor the emergent nature of stories in a worldbuilding process.

We finished the two days with a group session to share their encyclopedic entries and to revise the connection of the multiple stories, evaluating the pollinating process of ideas intended. Also we engaged in a group conversation to evaluate the process that radically challenges their roles within a traditional production model and the possibilities of other narrative platforms.


  • Joseph Unger
    Chief Design Officer, Pigeon Hole Productions
  • Juan DiazB
    European Director World Building Institute; Creative Director Kosmology; Director, Writer, Narrative Designer
  • Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute