USC Cinematic Arts

Filippo Costanzo received his Architectural Design degree from the University of Rome, “La Sapienza” in 1984 (110/110). He begun his career as a 3D visualization consultant for Architectural and Industrial Design firms in Italy and in Brazil. From 1988, he also provided design and creative services for major television networks in Italy and South America. In United States, since 1994 Filippo Costanzo participated to a broad range of projects including: Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Television (Digital Domain 1996-2000)  Videogames and Location Based Entertainment. With Simple Pictures (2001-05) he produced and directed several commercial campaigns in 3D Character Animation for the Italian and European advertising market.

As Director of the Activision R&D program, Fillipo Constanzo was responsible for the research, experimentation and implementation of advanced technologies and production pipelines for next-generation games and interactive entertainment. 
Designed and established the Digital Assets Acquisition Pipeline creating the Activision’s in house 3D Scan Studio.  He managed the Central Technology Art Team for the design and realization of the animation pipeline and face rigging tool underlying the Facial Performance Capture system and
Initiated the research on Real Time 3D Capture of large static environments and large volume 3D Capture of dynamic body and clothing motion performances.