USC Cinematic Arts

Romke Faber graduated in 2007 from the Dutch Filmacademy in production design. With his design for the graduation film “Gödel” he received the Best Production Design Award 2007 at the International Studentfilmfestival in Munich.

Choosing to gain more experience in the craft of designing he worked in the art departments of various Dutch production designers. At the same time he also worked as a designer for smaller projects.

While working on various projects he researched the theoretical side of design for film and got acquainted with the 5D|Inistitute. He visited the 5D conference in 2008 and other 5Distributed events. Inspired by the possibilities of Worldbuilding he advocates this thought process and Worldbuilding in the Netherlands. By writing articles and giving presentations.

Immersed in a traditional linear filmspace he is currently involved with different filmprojects, one of which will be produced in a non-linear (Worldbuilding) fashion.

5D Conference 2008
5Distributed at FMX 2009
5Distributed at FMX 2010
5D FLUX, March 2012
5Distributed at FMX 2012

5D at Netherlands Film Festival 2011