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Shekhar Kapur has not only directed Oscar nominated films in the West  and several very iconic films in India, but has been a visionary and proponent on the rise of Asia and the future of New Media.

As a content maker he sees more and more the art of content creation turn to interactive co created content for New Media. Shekhar has more than 25 years of experience in content creation for TV, Short Films, Animated Films, and of course Features - both animated and live action. He has also co produced Musical Theatre (Bombay Dreams) on West End and Broadway, and is a creator of comic books that are read all over the world. His experience has been both in front of the camera as an actor and behind the camera as a Director/Producer. There are very few areas of content creation he hasn’t had experience with.

In exploring new forms of content creation for the future, Shekhar started looking at convergence between content and technology and the way the world would consume content in the future, which naturally led him to create models for the future. He was one the first to propose the influence Asian content would have in the rest of the world. In fact a 4 page article on Shekhar was done by the “Time Magazine,” and his quote became world famous:
“When Spider Man 6 takes off his Mask, he will probably be Chinese or Indian and he will swing not in New York, but in Shanghai or Mumbai.”
Shekhar has been for years a strong proponent of the mantra, “the world is fast moving from a business model of ‘gatekeepers’ to ‘platformers’ in

content creation,” and believes that to predict the way content consumption will move, you must understand the culture of content consumption in each delivery system you are dealing with. Within this vision in mind Shekhar Kapur has started a new media company with A R Rahman to create platforms for the best Asian new media content that will be distributed worldwide.

Shekhar Kapur now has an Iconic status in India and one of the most respected personal brands in Indian Media. The Indian Government has awarded Shekhar the state honor, Padma Shri. He is devoting more and more of his time to addressing social issues through the ‘power of the internet’, and is actively involved in environmental issues all over the world. He serves on the board of several international organizations that do work on issues related to the future of Water and is currently working on his passion project “Paani” about the impending water wars in the world.