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Our lives are subject to a structure within which we enact our daily acts and rituals, play our games and design our future. The five guests on this panel – each an expert in his/her field of specialisation – will address how one can create a virtual landscape of things and spaces around us and consequently in art and film. This session brings together production designer Alex McDowell (FIGHT CLUB, MINORITY REPORT), he is also the founder of 5D: The Future of Immersive Design; filmmaker Shekhar Kapur (ELIZABETH and ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE); experience designer and founding member of 5D Tali Krakowsky; founder of Greyworld, an artists‘ collective creating art in public spaces, Andrew Shoben; and art director of Remedy Entertainment Saku Lehtinen, who is responsible for the audiovisual experience of games. Based on the core idea behind the 5D Conference – talking about learning about seeing better stories – the five panellists will explore the notion of “playing“ at the centre of the new creative collaborative space, and the designer’s recent ability to build worlds using digital tools, for an immersive audience experience.