USC Cinematic Arts

CG Animation is the ultimate form of virtual production with no ‘real world’ materials to build out from.  But much of the approach to generating creative content comes from traditional 2D animation pipelines.  What does a fully integrated digital pipeline look like?  Can it ever be too soon to start World Building?  What creates the gap between front end creative and back end production?  And how does integration reconcile with splitting front-end creative and back-end production between different companies and sometimes different continents? 

The MD of Double Negative (architects of a new animation pipeline), and the CEO of new UK studio Locksmith Animation, join 5D’s Alex McDowell to set the agenda for a day of discussions on the ultimate blueprint for tomorrow’s animated feature studio. 

The conversation will by illustrated by ‘on the spot’ drawings published ‘live’ via Flix, the newest integrated story tool from The Foundry.


  • Panelist:
    Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute
  • Panelist:
    Alex Hope
    Managing Director, Double Negative
  • Panelist:
    Sarah Smith
    CEO/Creative Director, Locksmith Animation