USC Cinematic Arts



Apr 12, 2008
Narrating Space // Panel
Bigger Bang // Panel

This series shows the discussion between Science and Design and how groundbreaking the two can be together.

New Television // Panel

This series discusses the modern day interaction between the consumers, television, and the world wide web.

Building Worlds // Panel
Design in Flux // Panel
Visualization Part 2 // Workshop

A groundbreaking conference, 5D: The Future of Immersive Design explores the profound impact of rapidly changing technologies in design fields including film and television, game design, animation, interactive media, and architecture—for creators and students.

The shift from linear processes towards multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary approaches offers visual storytelling new levels of creative opportunity, using a whole new array of skills. Presented by the University Art Museum (UAM) at California State University, Long Beach and the Art Directors Guild (ADG), representing the design professionals of the entertainment industry, this international conference assembles the design world’s leading pioneers and academics in an open exchange of ideas and insights about new design processes and the delivery of the immersive experience..

This unique event will be attended by over 500 award winning art directors, production artists, set designers, architects, animators, as well as leading academics in these fields and their students; the future of the industry.

Speakers both confirmed and under consideration include world renowned film, production and art design leaders like Production Designer Rick Carter (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, War of the Worlds); Peter Frankfurt, motion graphic designer and owner of Imaginary Forces; Henry Jenkins, leader of the Convergence Culture Consortium, MIT; and John Underkoffler, founder and chief scientist of Oblong Industries.

This “must attend” event is a tremendous opportunity to interact with the “end users” of your technology and products in an educational setting. Your presence will allow a unique opportunity to promote your latest products and future concepts to the leaders in the immersive design field. Don’t miss what many are calling the most important new conference in North America.